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Kate Spade,Grace Convertible Shoulder Bag,Cream


Kate Spade,Playa 3D Leaf Tote,Watercress Multi


if you know us, then you know handbags are kind of our thing. they're a major part of our history-our namesake, kate brosnahan spade, started designing her own when she couldn't find the one she wanted on department store shelves-and since she made our first six silhouettes in 1993, our assortment has grown to include new purses in so many different shapes, styles, materials, colors and patterns. though they all have a unique flair, they all have one important thing in common: they're intended to spark joy for the woman who wears them.

our tote bags hold your notebooks, computer, sunglasses, running sneakers, other words, they fit your life. then there's satchels for both business and pleasure, or when you're having one of those days where you just feel like looking extra polished, and a structured bag will do just that. our clutches were made with your romantic date in mind...or a spontaneous night out on the town with your girls. a crossbody bag comes in handy when you're juggling your hot oat milk latte and taking a call.

btw, these would look really good with your new handbag... shop our new arrivals, including new wallets to stash inside. (we all need one of those.)

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