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Kate Spade,K As In Kate Sneakers,Casual,Cream/ Dancer Pink


Kate Spade,jaylee slide sandals,sandals,Casual,Wild Blue Iris/Cream
$78 $98


Kate Spade,that sparkle round earrings,earrings,Rose Patina


$78 $98






so everyone loves black friday, ourselves included. but if we're being honest, we loooooove online shopping because we can do it from the comfort of a couch. with a furry friend by our side. maybe there's even a comforting beverage involved to make it an especially snuggly experience. but, we digress. what we're really trying to tell you about is our cyber monday designer sale, ideal for those that didn't have time to shop on black friday, or those, like us, who consider online shopping a passion project. allow us to fill you in all the exciting details...

we're talking: cyber monday jewelry sales including cyber monday jewelry deals. (hello, new bling-bling.) cyber monday clothing deals so can spruce up your wardrobe in time for all your holiday parties, or gift your loved ones a few new fits. cyber monday shoe sales. (do we even need to explain the excitement of this one? didn't think so.) cyber monday purse deals on our famous handbag collection, what we're known for! truth is, we could go on and on about all the thrilling designer cyber monday deals we have to offer. but instead of talking your ear off, we'll let you get to shopping now...

begin your shopping spree with our handbags, wallets and clothing. then hit our gift shop to wrap up your holiday shopping.

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