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Kate Spade,say yes mrs necklace,necklaces,Clear/Gold


Kate Spade,Bridal Bow Veiled Headband,French Cream
Kate Spade,that sparkle princess cut large studs,earrings,Silver


Kate Spade,say yes mrs studs,earrings,Clear/Gold
Kate Spade,Morgan Bow Embellished Envelope Flap Crossbody,Black

are you about to be a bride? or is your bestie the bride? either way, an upcoming wedding is exciting! we love love, and all the special celebrations that come with it...especially because it's fun to get a little fancy. regardless of your role in the festivities, you'll want to make sure you dress the part. and that's where our bridal jewelry comes in: you pick out the dress you'll be wearing, and we'll help you top it off with some sparkle and shine...

just to give you a taste of what to expect from our collection...there are bridal earrings, like pearl wedding earrings (because pearls have a place at every elegant affair--they're a classic!) and mrs earrings you can flaunt if you're the newlywed boasting the new title. then, wedding necklaces and wedding bracelets you can add to complete the look. or, if you want a pre-styled set, we have bridal jewelry sets to simplify your styling. no matter what wedding jewelry you choose, we know it will look beautiful on you.

there's more where that came from. we've got all the other bridal essentials, too, from bridal clothes and shoes to bridal accessories. plus, even more sparkly things. shop these and more now.

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