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Kate Spade,Orchid Bloom Maxi Cover Up Dress,Orchid Bloom print,Multi

in the mood for a swim? or, if you're not interested in getting wet, maybe some sunning on the deck? however you prefer to spend a pool or beach day, you'll still need a pretty swimsuit (or two), and a swimsuit cover up to pop on for when you stroll to the snack bar, browse the boardwalk shops or simply want to give your skin a break from the sun.

lucky for you, we have so many different styles of bathing suit cover ups in a range of bright colors and signature prints, so you can choose the beachy look that suits you best. think of cover ups like caftans that will billow behind you in the sea breeze, glamorous pareos you can quickly tie around your waist, rompers that can definitely can double as normal clothes (no one's going to know it's meant for the beach). maxi cover up dresses to pair with some pretty sandals when you're fresh from the waves and headed to indulge in seafood and a cocktail at a restaurant overlooking the ocean. we have all of these swim cover ups and more. come see.

while you're at it, there're a few other things you'll want to pack for fun in the sun... shop swimsuits like bikinis and one-pieces, plus beach bags, sunglasses and sandals.

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