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Kate Spade,Tropical Foliage Raffia Shell,Tropical Foliage print,Fresh White/Black
Kate Spade,Daylily Poplin Top,Daylily print,Carousel Pink
Kate Spade,Daylily Midi Skirt,Daylily print,Carousel Pink
Kate Spade,Summer Lilies Wrap Top,Summer Lilies print,Multi
Kate Spade,Summer Lilies Skirt,Summer Lilies print,Multi
Kate Spade,Noel Tee,Astral Blue

you know what kind of look we love? matching sets. and we're not just saying that because they're very much in vogue at the moment.

if you think about it, two-piece sets are ideal for so many reasons. first, co-ord sets take the guesswork out of mixing and matching tops and bottoms. instead, you have an effortlessly elegant outfit that's ready in an instant...which is especially convenient on those mornings when you may or may not have hit snooze one too many times. (been there.) second, there is certainly something to be said about the sophisticated cohesion of a matching two-piece outfit. a uniform looks feels classic and refined in an easy, unfussy way, whether it's a skirt and top set or a comfy matching sweatsuit set. (the latter is great when you're traveling.) simply put: a designer matching set is an outfit every woman should have in her arsenal. try one on and see what you think...

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