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Kate Spade,Ponte Split-Neck Jumpsuit,Wear to Work,Black
$238 $298


a lot of us are headed back to the office these days. kind of feels like back to school again, doesn't it? if that's the case for you, you'll want to make sure your wardrobe is refreshed and ready--which is a fun project, if you ask us. hard work is a lot more enjoyable when you're looking your best.

enter: our anything but basic women's business casual clothing. since we're big believers in letting our personalities shine through our choice of clothes, our work dresses and business attire give you professional looks that are at once polished and expressive. playful, but also ready to get down to business. the way we see it, businesses dresses needn't be bland and boring. life is all about balance, right? so when you browse through our collection of women's work dresses, you'll find professional dresses elegant enough for the office, but spiced up a bit, with luxurious materials in bright colors and our seasonal prints. (but if you prefer a classic like black work dresses, of course we have those, too.) plus, we even design work jumpsuits that are as comfortable as they are chic. as you've probably noticed, we could go on and on all day about our designer work dresses! but we'll let you shop in peace now...we'll be over here if you need us.

a few more things before you get down to business: shop flats, watches, work totes and laptop bags & sleeves.

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