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Kate Spade,Rainbow Heart Bandana,Multi
Kate Spade,City Map Oblong Scarf,Multi

hmmm. your outfit's missing something, but you're not sure what...

we know what it is: a few finishing touches. if you ask us, no great look is complete without the genius details that pull it all together, whether they're for practical purposes or just an extra flourish. maybe it's a bright pom-pom beanie from our women's hats collection and a cozy neck scarf to go with your black puffer on a cold, snowy day. a feminine headband or hair scarf worn with a crisp white blouse when you want to look chic and put-together. an elegant silk scarf you can get creative with and wear multiple ways: as a hair tie, bandana, tied around one of your handbag handles as a purse scarf...the possibilities are endless, really. and of course we can't forget to mention fashionable face masks. our designer face masks are the best face masks because not only are they pretty (each is printed with a seasonal pattern), but they're also reusable and fit comfortably on the face. this is all to say: our accessories will give your ensemble that element of je ne sais quoi...

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