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busy day ahead? when your twenty-four hours are filled to the brim (morning drop-off, grocery shopping, zoom calls, meetings, yoga class…) you need a compact but functional bag that can keep up with you and your hectic itinerary. like our run around crossbody bag, one of our latest and greatest leather crossbody bags. crafted of luxe pebbled leather that ages like fine wine (that is to say, it gets better with time...) in a classic square shape, it makes one excellent companion no matter where you're headed. just stash your essentials, sling it on, and you're off. we're willing to bet that it'll be the everyday purse you use for years to come...

but the run around is only one of our many crossbody bags for women. we have sooooo many more designer crossbody bags for you to choose from. to name some of your other options: there are our ever-classic black crossbody bags. white crossbody bags that feel fresh and polished in warmer climates and seasons. small crossbody bags for those that prefer to travel light. large crossbody bags for the self-proclaimed "bag ladies" (you know who you are). the list goes on.

looking for something else? there's more where that came from. discover our entire handbag collection, featuring shoulder bags, crossbodies and more. then, take a peek at our wallets.