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20 results

wallets. you can't go without one of those. but the sheer utility of them doesn't mean they have to be a bore, either. yes, your standard brown bifold wallet or black wallet may work just fine, but since you've got to bring it everywhere, why not opt for one that's a little more fun. c'mon, we'll show you what we mean...

our collection of women's wallets comes in every shape, size, silhouette, color and print you can think of. seriously. you'll see that our designer wallets come in a spacious continental silhouette for those that want all the compartments, keychain wallets, zipper wallets and compact wallets for those that like to travel light. if you want a leather wallet that's even more streamlined, we've got slim wallets, small wallets and cardholders specifically designed to hold just the basics (card, cash, i.d.). still more, there are coin purses for those who like (and always need) change.

options? we all love those. shop more large wallets, cardholders and coin purses & keychain wallets, plus handbags to stash them inside.