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31 results

jacquards are part of our heritage almost as much as nylon. they’re unique fabrics: highly-textured, with patterns that are woven, instead of printed. for this collection we wanted to do something totally new with our signature spade flower pattern. we looked to limonta, a centuries-old family-owned textile mill in northern italy near como. they’ve been producing and experimenting with jacquards for over 100 years, and are one of the world’s most renowned mills. together we’ve made something special. here, we’ve used our new spade flower jacquard to create patterned bags, patterned scarves and more... you just have to take a look.

and there's more. besides our lovely jacquards, we have so many other printed pieces for you to choose from if tote bag patterns and handbag patterns are your thing.

looking for something else? no worries! we have more where that came from. shop our handbag collection, crossbodies, scarves, hats & belts and more.