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Kate Spade,Hudson Double Zip Crossbody,Small,Casual,Black


are you a photographer? even if you can't claim to be the perfect picture-taker, you'll still love our crossbody camera bags for their stylish, compact shape an convenience. if you've got a digital camera, by all means, stash it inside, but these camera bag purses are also great for toting the other essentials: PKW (phone, keys, wallet), your go-to red lipstick, subway card, concert tickets, that polaroid you take with you wherever you go...whatever "essentials" means to you. simply put: our designer camera bags were made with the busy lady on the go in mind.

but of course you have options. because we all love those. discover the rest of our handbag collection, including more crossbodies, shoulder bags, and even phone crossbodies.

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