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Kate Spade,Tropical Foliage Embroidered Top,Tropical Foliage print,Riverside/Fresh White
Kate Spade,Floral Eyelet Top,Fresh White
Kate Spade,Embellished Floral Tee,Fresh White
Kate Spade,Cashmere Crewneck Cardigan,Rhododendron Grove

ok. so you've got a great skirt picked out, your favorite shoes, some sparkly jewelry and your go-to handbag, but your outfit's missing what is perhaps the most important part: a fashionable top! whether you're feeling a dressy top or casual top, we have more than a few for you to choose from...

like our designer tees printed with fun motifs and sayings if you like not-so-basic basics. designer blouses including silk tops in feminine florals and ruffles that still feel elegant alongside jeans and casual blouses for that laid-back-but-luxe vibe. even designer sweatshirts, too. because, really: what's better than being stylish and comfortable at the same time?

if you think the rest of your outfit needs some fine-tuning, let us help. shop sweaters, skirts & pants, shoes and more.

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