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we don't know about you, but we think there's just something special about putting on a pair of high heels… maybe it's the way they give us a boost, both our height and our mood. or how they make us feel like the street is our very own catwalk...

whatever it is about these magic shoes, we have a pair of designer heels for every style and occasion. black heels are a staple that everyone needs in their arsenal (aka closet) because they can be used for work and play: business meetings in the am, cocktail parties in the pm. when the mood is more sultry, it pays to have a pair of strappy high heels to go with your lbd. in the spring and summer, white heels feel fresh and go with everything. when you're a bride or know a bride, you'll want to be acquainted with our bridal heels, like lovely bow heels, for the many nuptial events you'll be attending. and even if you're not into the sky-high ones (we get it), we've got kitten heels and block heels that are walkable and seriously stylish.

is casual more your speed? we've got shoes for that, too. shop boots & booties, sandals and oh! some amazing clothes, too, since you can't go without those...