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13 results

your bed should be the best place in the world. when your days are jam-packed with errands, tasks and obligations, you deserve a cozy oasis away from the chaos where you can fully relax and recharge. c'mon, we'll help you make up your bed with some cute bedding so you can make sure it's perfect for when your head finally hits the pillow...

our women's bedding collection has everything you need. choose one of our designer bedding sets-- patterned bedding done in a range of popping colors and prints--and it'll give you a designer comforter or designer duvet cover that you'll be eager to curl up under at night. whether you need a queen-size comforter or king-size comforter, don't stress: we've got options for every size mattress! then, complete the look with some pillow shams.

oh yeah, and you can't forget the pillows! if you ask us: the more pillows, the better. and since you're on a roll...why not spruce up the rest of your digs a bit? shop home accents & décor, kitchen essentials, lighting and more.