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6 results

"you have too many pillows." said no one, ever. sure, it's debatable whether you can ever have too much of a good thing, but if you're asking us for our opinion, we say: pillows are better in bulk.

though our throw pillows come in so many different styles—elegant linen pillows, velvet pillows, cute pillows like floral pillows and striped pillows with playful prints, neat white pillows to go with an all-white bed, you name it—all of our designer pillows have one thing in common: the oomph they'll add, in more ways than one, wherever you put them. that goes for our pillow shams, too: you can't properly make up a bed without the matching pillow cases that tie everything together.

but first, make sure the rest of your room is in good shape. discover our home collection, where you'll find pretty bedding, decor, desk supplies & stationery and more.