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26 results

hmmmm. having trouble picking out a bag? (decisions, decisions...) we feel you: with so many great styles to choose from, selecting just one can be tricky!

may we suggest one of our shoulder bags for women? there're a few reasons to love our designer shoulder bags. first, our leather shoulder bags are done in buttery leathers that, kind of like fine wine, just get better with time, so you know you'll use them for years to come. second, whether you need lots of space or prefer to travel light, our shoulder purses come in all different sizes, so you can pick the medium shoulder bag or large shoulder bag that best fits your lifestyle. third, our over the shoulder bags are made in so many swoon-worthy silhouettes! like saddle bags and designer bucket bags, to name two. and last but certainly not least, we'd be remiss to leave out our black shoulder bags. if you're a functionalist looking for a roomy bag with endless versatility, these make your perfect match.

looking for something specific? there's more where those came from. shop totes and more handbags, plus wallets & card cases to pop inside.