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what is your dream getaway? paris? a safari in the serengeti? climbing the great wall of china? whatever it may be (even if you're still in the planning phase), it never hurts to get a head start on packing. step #1: make sure you have a reliable travel backpack (a leather backpack is stylish and durable) or travel bag to stow all your belongings. don't forget a laptop bag or laptop backpack for your precious computer, because you know you'll want to bring that along on your journey, too. clearly, we have so many cool backpacks for you to choose from, for trips big and small.

our tote bags are pretty and roomy, so they make ideal travel companions too. step #2: make sure your stuff stands out. one, because airport style is very much a thing, but also so you can quickly spot your bags in luggage claim! travel shop and keychains & bag accessories will help out with all of that.