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since 2014, kate spade new york has been supporting community impact projects in masoro, rwanda, where our on purpose supplier is based. in 2018 we launched the on purpose fund to also support nonprofit organizations that empower the women and girls in our on purpose supply chain community to be the heroines of their own story. together, we’re empowering the women who make kate spade new york handbags at abahizi rwanda, a local employee-owned handbag manufacturer that provides competitive wages, health benefits and access to life education (learn more here), as well as the communities which they call home.

in each you shop we donate event, we take a percentage of net sales and donate them to support women’s and girls’ empowerment in masoro, rwanda communities where our on purpose supplier is based.

the sports and learning center

status: ongoing

a library, computer lab, athletic facilities and
community meeting space are underway

yoga for trauma

status: current

we partner with local organizations to offer
yoga for trauma focusing
on mind and
body wellness to the residents of masoro

the community center

status: ongoing

we’re adding a kitchen to prepare breakfast
and lunch for students at the local school

the health clinic

status: complete

the grand opening was in march
2018, the center
provides essential
health care for the community

the playground

status: complete

the final phase saw the addition of swings,
basketball court, a climbing area
and jumping trees

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*2% of net sales (up to a maximum donation of $112,467.54) from this shop with purpose event will be donated to our non-profit partner tides foundation, who will grant the funds to various community-based programs in masoro, rwanda where our on purpose supplier is based.