women's sundresses & day dresses

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27 results

ok. so clearly we're obsessed with handbags, but if we had to name another one of our absolute favorite things, it would be day dresses! they're effortlessly elegant, easy to slip on when you're running late, comfortable, feminine...we could go on and on about them all day. so that's why our collection is full of casual sundresses ready for any and all occasions. we may be biased, but we truly think any day is a good day to wear a dress.

just to give you an idea of all the styles you have to choose from... there are summer day dresses, like floral summer dresses, for sunny days spent out and about with friends. designer casual dresses comfy enough for errand running but stylish enough to have you looking put-together as you get everything done. midi day dresses and maxi day dresses ideal for windy days, mini day dresses when you want to show a little leg. and, if you're not the biggest fan of dresses, how about a day jumpsuit? they're great because they give you the elegance of a dress but with a little more ease.

whichever pieces you pick, complement them with these: shop sandals and crossbodies.