Welcome to our
open house!

We’re all about celebrating our community,
and this year we’re feeling especially festive.

Upstairs, you’ll take a journey
through the chapters of our newest
book, Celebrate That! Occasions,
a guide to making the most of
meaningful moments—large, small
and everything in between.

On each floor, discover special experiences
pulled straight from the book’s pages
(along with a sneak peek at themes from
our upcoming fall collection).

Did we mention we have freshly
baked cookies and hot coffee
, too?
So please—explore, mingle, sip,
smile—make yourself at home.

townhouse diagram

Each room in the townhouse
is inspired by our book,
Celebrate That! Occasions.

Chapter 1:

You are here.

Chapter 2:

Enjoy freshly-baked cookies and
coffee from Maman. (See p. 72 in
our book for a cookie recipe.)

Library: Arrange a bouquet
with hands-on help from guest florists.
(See p. 48 for more floral knowledge.)

Chapter 3:

Master the art of writing a
thank-you with our experts. (See p. 199 for
more tips on drafting notes of gratitude.)
Then, explore our positive powder room,
where you’ll find messages that will inspire take a selfie. (For more small
wins worth celebrating, see p. 14.)

Chapter 4:
Black to the lobby

Leave us a souvenir—write
a gratitude postcard to someone you
appreciate, and pin it to our wall
to share with others.

celebrate that! occasions

On your way out,
don’t forget to pick up
a complimentary copy of
Celebrate That! Occasions.

This was so much fun!
Let’s do it again soon.

Illustrations by SJ Axelby