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planning a getaway? pro packing tips from five of our most well-traveled staffers
May 17, 2013  |   column: DELIBERATE POLISH

between business meetings abroad, store openings around the country and impromptu getaways (we love a summer friday!), our staffers our always on the move. in honor of our month of adventure we sought the enlightened packing expertise of some of these seasoned travelers… which style are you?


her flight pattern:
europe for work with frequent stops in san francisco for quality time with her three-year-old niece. after years of business trips, she’s earned elite status on almost every airline. next week, she has a “doozy of a trip” coming up: london, germany, beijing and shanghai. “it’s nothing to brag about, but it does make me an expert packer!”

her luggage:
a four-wheeled ballistic nylon suitcase.

her rules:
1. stack, using tissue paper.
“first, i lay my suitcase flat and fill the end with my heaviest things so that when the luggage is standing upright, the bigger items are sitting on the bottom. i also layer a piece of plain white tissue paper inside each top to keep it from getting wrinkled and bring the unused sheets with me to do the same for the flight home. it really works!”

2. pack dresses. lots of dresses.
“i can pack three dresses for the weight of one pair of jeans—crucial with luggage weight restrictions. i bring something dressy for meetings, and a few casual options for the weekend. i even fly in a ‘travel’ dress: one that’s light-weight and comfy—like our frankie dress—paired with boots or sandals.”

3. throw in some extra jewelry.
“if i’m away for a long trip, i like to load up on extra jewelry so no one will know when i wear the same dress twice.”

4. running shoes are beneficial in more ways than one.“i always leave room for my favorite pair of running shoes. i’ve run all over the world – it’s a great way to explore the city and shake off jet lag.”

5. don’t underestimate the value of a smart cosmetic bag.“i love our le pavilion large manuela cosmetic case. it’s compact but fits full-sized lotion and shampoo bottles. and the clear zippered compartments are a lifesaver if any of the liquids leak.”

ps: “always call your parents when you land. they worry.”


her flight pattern:
bouncing between london, shanghai and kauai, or baltimore, raleigh and orlando for a mix of business and pleasure. “my family and i are on a plane at least once a month. we love to travel and our relatives are spread all over so we take them up on a chance to visit every opportunity we get.”

her luggage:
a colorful wheely sturdy enough for a child to sit on while waiting in line at the airport.

her rules:
1. keep a cosmetic bag at the ready, even when you’re not travelling.
“have it fully stocked with the things you’re most likely to forget. i fill mine with travel sizes of all my favorite toiletries, and adaptors for all my various devices. with a family and full-time job, i’m normally packing at the last minute so it gives me one less thing to worry about and lets me focus on my wardrobe.”

2. plan your outfits from the bottom up. start with your shoes. “i pick my most comfortable and versatile pairs – never more than three – and plan outfits around them.”

3. then, pack a mix of your favorite pieces. “i go with loose tops and dresses that are comfortable and easy, as well as my favorite broome street capri jeans. and a scarf is a definite – i am always chilly on planes and in airports.”

4. bring a laundry bag. “i use it to hold my clean workout clothes on the way over, and then store the dirty pieces back in the bag for the flight home.”


her flight pattern:
trekking it cross country for work trips to seattle or escaping to san juan for three-day weekend trips with her husband and friends. “take a 7am flight out of jfk and you’re on the beach with a cocktail by noon!”

her luggage:
a well-loved jack spade leather tote.

her rules:
1. stick with one color palette.
“pick out the most predominate color in your closet and pack around it. everything in my wardrobe is navy so i add a green and turquoise scarf that doubles as a wrap and blanket on the plane, lightweight yellow and orange cardigans for layering and our broome street denim jeans in indigo and white.”

2. roll. “it’s a recent strategy. i line the bottom of my bag with shoes, tuck jewelry inside my clutch for safekeeping and place a folded garment bag on top. everything in between gets rolled.”

3. bring pieces that do double-duty. “when you go on vacation, your carry on tote should be able to also work as a beach bag.”

4. start with more than you need, and then go back and edit down. “one suitcase maximum.”


her flight pattern:
balancing long business trips to the middle east, south america, asia, and europe with weekend rendezvous squeezed in on the side. next week she’s flying to london for the chelsea flower show with kate spade new york and then meeting her husband michael in valencia for memorial day weekend.

her luggage:
three hard-side black suitcases. “i’m in pr! i’m constantly loaning out a dress, shoe or necklace before our events so i keep extra on hand. i’m always the crazy lady at baggage claim with three giant suitcases.”

her rules:
1. roll, stack and stuff.
“i find creative ways to make everything fit: i tuck things insides my boots and shoes to take advantage of extra space.”

2. bring an extra set of clothes for the flight. including socks.
“i don’t get the whole sloppy-airport-sweatpants look. for long treks i change into knit leggings, a cami with a built in bra, a lightweight oversized cashmere sweater and flats. and i double layer my socks after takeoff: it helps keep my toes warm and saves me from having to slip shoes on and off if i want to get up during the flight.”

3. pack lots of magazines, ear plugs and an eyemask.
“i’m always so digitally connected, so i use my flight time to not be: i sleep or catch up on my favorite magazines. when we land, i’ll leave the ones i’ve read with the flight crew—they always love it and it helps lighten my load for the return trip!”

4. bring some freshly dry-cleaned pieces so you don’t have to iron.
“ironing isn’t my forte so i send out my dry cleaning right before a big trip and then fold it up flat hanger, plastic bag and all so that when i land all i have to do is hang it up. the rest of my suitcase is a mix of jeans and cotton dresses i can steam in the shower if i have to.”

5. pack your own snacks.
“i’m gluten-free so there usually aren’t a lot of options. i’ll bring along a mix of think thin bars and welch’s mixed fruit gummy snacks for the flight, and pack the extras in my purse to cure my nagging jet lag later on.”


her flight pattern:
to the beaches of miami, italy for cooking classes and business trips to shanghai or brazil.

her luggage:
a durable, expandable wheely.

her rules:
1. stack everything. “i lay out outfits, and then go back and fold by category: jeans in one stack, shirts in the other. i’m a huge fan of dust bags for shoes, lingerie and laundry. everything must be separated.”

2. pack yourself a care package kit for long-haul flights. “i always have an evian spray on hand to keep my skin hydrated throughout the flight, plus aquaphor, mints, bose headphones, and a cashmere scarf. i’m dreading the day when all flights offer wireless: i love getting lost in my latest read.”

3. bring two kinds of accessories: casual, and dressy. “for me accessories are the most important pieces to pack. great shoes, statement necklaces, an oversized scarf and a versatile bag can take you from work appointments to a fancy launch event to a more casual lunch with a quick change-out.”

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