we put a bow on it

we counted one hundred and forty four pieces this month
February 06, 2013  |   column: WHAT'S NEW|THINGS WE LOVE
in our latest collection–and the second in our year of things we love–well-placed bows rightfully steal the spotlight. how do we adore them? let’s count the ways: we love modern and graphic bows reminiscent of  bow ties, splashed across black and cream shift dresses, scarves and socks. a single prim and proper one as an accent on a strand of pearls.  we turned some into studs as an elegantly edgy adornment on leather handbags of all shapes and sizes.  we even made up a candy. (how sweet!) our team designed one hundred and forty four ways to wear a bow this month.  it truly is a thing we love. and we know you will too. ps: we’re documenting our love for bows via our instagram feed this month with the hashtag #putabowonit . take a peek, and show us your bow!

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