we love a hashtag. yes, we do.

#howaboutyou ?
November 16, 2012  |   column: WHAT'S NEW



once upon a time, “#” was merely a button on your phone that you’d press when calling, say, your office voicemail, or an automated customer service number. back then, which was really not that long ago, we called it a “pound sign.”

fast forward, and the “hashtag” (which sounds so much cuter) is now part of our day-to-day correspondence, whether on twitter, instagram or just texting. and we love how it has a way of turning just about any phrase before it into something cheeky and cute.

we’ve used some of our current favorites (above) to dress up a few new bags, pouches, and tech accessories. (take a peek here to see what they’re about.)

now that you know some of ours, what are some of your favorite hashtags?

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