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introducing the year of places to go, people to see
January 08, 2014  |   column: PLACES TO GO PEOPLE TO SEE

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welcome to 2014 and our year of places to go, people to see.

the theme is inspired by our love of “traveling colorfully”—and if you take a peek above, and at our instagram and pinterest pages, you’ll get a glimpse at just what we mean. yes, sometimes we literally travel colorfully—a brightly patterned dress often finds its way into our luggage—but more often, we use the term to describe the way travel adds color to our lives.

seeing new things, tasting exotic foods, hearing different music, meeting interesting people, speaking new languages, dancing new rhythms…not only are these things fun, but they illuminate our day and the memories (and souvenirs) stay with us forever.

each month throughout this year, we’ll be sharing these very kinds of things as we go on our around-the-world adventure, including our tips of how to do it all, too. we’ll also be enlisting the help of some new friends along the way that we’re excited for you to meet.

of course, we’d love for you to share with us your tales of traveling colorfully, too, wherever you happen to find yourself—from the mountaintops of the alps to a new neighborhood in your hometown.

simply tag your photos #travelcolorfully on instagram.

and in the meantime, check out the collection inspired by our first stop—brighton, england—here.

bon voyage!

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