today we’re drinking: blueberry, mint lemonade

our adventures in summer refreshment, thanks to a new cookbook from one of our favorite los angeles eatery called lemonade
June 27, 2014  |   column: DELIBERATE POLISH

109_Lemonade Recipe 1

eating and drinking local is just as much a part of our travel experience as visiting the traditional sites: we’ve sampled the chai in jaipur, tea (properly) in brighton, sake in kyoto, and coffee in istanbul. (we’ve yet to try cimarrón—a.k.a. yerba matain argentina, but it’s on our list.)

so when in los angeles, we’ll go out of our way to get a glass of lemonade from lemonade. if you haven’t yet been there, first: go. second: get ahold of their new cookbook, as it’s filled with all sorts of delightful marketplace dishes which can only be described as “southern california comfort food.” (translation: everything looks and tastes a bit like you walked into the ultimate gourmet picnic.)

now through the end of summer we’re sharing our favorite beverages from the cookbook so you can enjoy them right along with us. to try out everything else—like broccoli and ricotta with champagne vinaigrette, olive oil-braised lima beans with lemon and parmesan, or  their own take on the traditional chocolate chip cookie—pick up your own copy of the lemonade cookbook on lemonade’s site, amazon, or barnes and noble. 

but back to the lemonade: to make this delightful blueberry, mint mix, take the ingredients above,  pulse them in a blender a few times and then blend on high speed for one minute until it’s smoothie-like. then, strain the mixture through a fine-mesh sieve into a pitcher so you have about 3 cups and pour in the water. serve over ice.

enjoy! (we are.)

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