to market, to market…

last week we went to the brimfield antique show, and we can't wait to go back in july. (here's why!)
May 23, 2013  |   column: DELIBERATE POLISH

in the spirit of travel and adventure, this last week we took the ultimate 1 day roadtrip: we headed up north to brimfield, massachusetts, home to the 7-football-fields-long brimfield antiques show. (it’s one of the biggest antique markets in the country.)

up bright and early for a 6:30am departure, we were armed with brimfield survival kits lovingly packed by our svp of design, debs camplin, and her assistant ionnas psaroudakis. the contents: an official brimfield map, some very delish snacks, hand sanitizer, and a fortune cookie to tell us about our soon-to-be discovered treasures! (scroll down to see them at the bottom.)

5 of our favorite brimfield moments:

1. “really good inexpensive designer vintage, and the chocolate covered frozen bananas.”

2. “scoring vintage tea towels by artist tom morrow, and having girl chats over lemonade and dishes of shared fries.”

3. “being outside and drinking freshly made arnold palmers from jug-sized containers.”

4. “ice cream cones and danish lamps.”

5. “the trip itself: the cheesy rest stops, packing your lunch in a cooler, trying to fall asleep with a pillow made out of your hoodie. plus, all the road trip games! 21 questions anyone?”

our top 5 pieces of advice for future brimfielders:

1. some vendors start closing at 4pm, so get there early and be smart with your time—divide how many hours you have at brimfield by the number of markets you plan to visit that day. that’ll give you your average time per market. you may spend a little more or less here and there, but this will help prevent any last minute scrambling!

2. “don’t be afraid to haggle,” says designer dana lucas, who scored a dazzling chandelier on a whim. “you have nothing to lose!”

3. on that note, “if you have to think about it more than twice, that’s when you walk away. don’t purchase!” advises camplin.

4. “wear flat shoes—wedges on the gravel were not a good idea,” enthuses ivy kirk from our apparel design team. and don’t wear your most precious flats, either: wear ones you don’t mind getting a little dusty.

5.  bring the following, because you’ll feel sad and a little burnt if you don’t: sunscreen and a big floppy sunhat. plus, that hand sanitizer we mentioned. (thanks debs!)

a glimpse of our day, below:


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