the story of our downing desk

the hand-painted dots are just the beginning.
October 16, 2015  |   column: WHAT'S NEW|DELIBERATE POLISH


we’re firm believers that pretty things increase productivity—so when it came to designing our very first desk, she had to be the loveliest. (our designers come to adore every piece so much that they like to think of each as a “she,” with a personality all her own.) meet downing. she’s hand-painted with a very special dot pattern, a cross between two of our all-time favorite prints: the leopard spot and the polka dot. she’s poppy, she’s punchy, she’s practically guaranteed to keep your creativity flowing, and she even accessorizes (hello, shiny brass hardware). she lends herself to sleek black-and-white or colorful more-is-more interiors.

all she asks? fresh flowers, please.


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