the hand in hand afghanistan cashmere collection

November 14, 2011  |   column: WHAT'S NEW

the hand in hand afghanistan cashmere collection

through our hand in hand partnership with women for women international, we’ve been working with women in war-torn countries for the last 7 years.

in 2010, we decided to take our partnership even further and we flew to aghanistan to meet with the WFWI team there about working together on our first collection of cashmere.

the third largest producer of raw cashmere in the world, afghanistan has historically lacked the means to keep cashmere production in the country. instead, the raw cashmere is shipped to china, taking with it the afghans’ opportunity to benefit from their beautiful natural resource.

in august of last year, we began producing our holiday cashmere collection—from start to finish—entirely in afghanistan, creating jobs for many afghan women in the process.

these cold-weather knits include a bright pink-tipped scarf and fingerless mittens. each hand-knit piece is finished with a tag bearing the signature of the woman who made it. in afghanistan, the majority of the women we work with are unable to read or write, which is why you’ll see a thumbprint in lieu of a name.

to see the full collection, shop now or visit a kate spade new york store.

to learn more about women for women international, visit

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