the guide to living colorfully

we’ve compiled our tips on topics like demystifying the dress code, hosting a theme party, determining what to spend on a wedding present and deciding how to set up house in an apartment.
November 21, 2011  |   column: DELIBERATE POLISH

in our office, we’re always up to something—redecorating the showrooms, making travel plans for a new store opening, debating whether we over-tipped or (please no) under-tipped the coat check attendant at the gramercy park hotel when we went out for drinks on friday. whether it’s for work or play, we love to get involved with the details.

one afternoon we decided, why not compile these gems into a book? as things often do, one book became two, which then became three, which evolved into four. in the end, we wound up organizing our thoughts into six different guides, each dedicated to a different facet of the well-lived life.

we hope they’re as entertaining to read as they were to create.

take a peek at a few of our favorite pages from the guide to living colorfully.

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