the friday pickup: picnic for two films

a few of our favorite alfresco dining scenes from the silver screen, to rent this weekend
April 26, 2013  |   column: DELIBERATE POLISH

in the spirit of¬†our current obsession with picnics and all things gingham, we were in the mood for a movie marathon‚ÄĒthe selection based on our favorite picnic scenes. check out our picks for the films that are sure to inspire an al fresco dining experience. and do share: what are your favorites?

94_Friday Pickup1-2
love in the afternoon:¬†¬†it’s the¬†romantic picnic in a lovely parisian setting that marks the turning point in this 1957 romantic comedy starring audrey hepburn and gary cooper. that very scene is where cooper–a bachelor american business man–starts to fall for hepburn–a young, french cellist–just before he has to return to the u.s. spoiler: it’s a happily ever after ending.
94_Friday Pickup2
¬†powers of ten:¬†even 36 years after its release–and numerous scientific insights–this charles and ray eames documentary about the scale of the universe based on a factor of 10 wows every time. once you’ve watched the opening scene of the couple on the picnic blanket, surrounded by the perfect picnic scene of fruits and snacks sprinkled atop a classic gingham blanket, you’ll never forget it.
94_Friday Pickup3
the great gatsby: not only does flawless mia farrow don amazing hat after amazing hat, a dashing robert redford plays jay gatsby. together, their water-front picnic with passing swans is almost too much to bear. swoon.

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