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January 10, 2013  |   column: DELIBERATE POLISH

whether we’re repining iconic photographs and old travel posters on pintrest, or sampling playlists on pitchfork, we’re constantly on the lookout for things that make our world more colorful.

in some cases, literally more colorful. lately we’ve been spending hours scrolling artsy—a new and free, subscription-based website  that appoints you the sole curator of your own unique, online gallery to fill with your favorite styles (including east village art and post-minimalism) subject matters (americana, city life) and mediums (abstract sculpture, glass, even graffiti).

think of it like pandora meets the met: choose from more than 21,000 works from galleries, museums and private collections around the world and then filter down your final choices by color, size or even price.

you can follow your favorite artists—there’s more than 3,700 to choose from including carl ostendarp, kim luttrell, and mary heilmann (a couple of our current favorites)—to learn their latest news or have artsy’s art genome technology suggest new ones to add to your feed. with art heavyweights like larry gagosian of the gagosian, and barrett white of christie’s as advisors on the site, those recommendations are pretty spot-on.

if all this careful curating leaves your apartment walls feeling a little lacking, you’re in luck: there is an “inquire” button which will connect you directly with the appropriate gallery for purchasing info.

happy perusing!

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