the art of the salon wall

five tips for creating a gorgeous gallery space at home
October 15, 2015  |   column: DELIBERATE POLISH

salon wall

a salon wall is our celebrated way to display a highly personal, visually interesting mix of art and pieces that suddenly become art once cleverly arranged in a creative montage. want to create your own? our visuals manager and resident salon wall expert, ashley parsons, leads the way:

amidst the jumble, find harmony.

balance warm and cool colors; visually heavy and visually light pieces; and graphic, painterly and photographic pieces so that, as a whole, it’s easy on the eyes. (arranging pieces on the floor first will help you find the big picture—and avoid errant holes in your walls.) and if you’re using pieces with words, don’t group them together: “they’ll feel less special if you do,” says ashley.


consistency counts.

frames should fit the same profile: similar, but not exactly the same. “the charm of a salon wall is visual cohesion that’s still eclectic and fun,” says ashley. try using all the same color, or different colors in the same width. (we love a mix of black, white and brass.)

or, she advises, “use the frames to pick up complimentary colors in other pieces.” and if it’s a specific color you’re after, buy raw wood frames and spray paint them any which way you like.


pay attention to spacing.

your images should stay relatively clustered, and watch out for rogue gaps. if you’re working with a little art and a lot of wall, identify a small space to group them together rather than spreading them out.


tell a story.

while it’s not essential to a visually appealing salon wall, a theme or thread that runs through your images makes it personal—“even if your theme is ‘these are things that I love,’” says ashley. “it should make sense to you.” if you really want a cohesive statement, try using a series of portraits or illustrations.


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