the art of lighting

from pendants to sconces, here’s how to find your best light.
October 16, 2015  |   column: DELIBERATE POLISH



just ask hollywood: lighting is everything. so when it comes to your home, pick the most flattering options for your pretty face. (you can’t do everything by candlelight.) here, a brief guide to our favorite types of lighting for your home sweet home.

what it is: a light that hands from a ceiling; another form of a chandelier
when to use it: head space is key: a dramatic pendant may need relatively high ceilings and plenty of room to keep from overwhelming a small space. use it in living rooms and entertaining spaces for a conversation starter, and consider a dimmer switch (different parties, different moods).
what we love: the dickinson large pendant

what it is: a wall-mounted light, usually relatively petite (and oh-so-adorable)
when to use it: we particularly adore a pair of sconces—use them to frame an entryway or powder room mirror, put one on either side of a sofa to create a cozy seating area, or surround art on a mantel with a pair. (a solo sconce works well between a double vanity, or as a reading light for a bed without a side table.)
what we love: the ellery sconce

table lamp
what it is: a classic standing lamp that’s simple, functional and stylish.
when to use it: a better question: when not to use it? table lamps belong on desks, end tables, bedside tables, credenzas, cabinets and more. we love mixing and matching styles (or even adding a vintage lampshade to add a little extra personality).
what we love: let’s just say that it’s a good thing a home can never have too many

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