summer friday snapshots: southampton

this week we hopped the jitney for a long weekend out east
July 19, 2012  |   column: DELIBERATE POLISH

welcome back to our summer friday series, where we tag along with staffers on their half-day fridays (and luxuriously longer weekends). this week we head to southampton to catch a few waves, bike around town and kick back with the perfect bloody mary…

who: grace lee

job: associate copywriter

where: southampton, new york

1. off you go:“passed time on the jitney with a wonderful book i randomly found on my ipad called delivering happiness, written by tony hsieh, the ceo of zappos. it’s an interesting peek into the start-up world, which i find to be fascinating.”

2. surf’s up: “went surfing for the very first time at flying point beach and had so. much. fun. i actually managed to catch a few waves, even a barrel! perhaps it was beginner’s luck but i like to think having a mean warrior two helped.”

3. happy clam:“my friend adelle whipped up a pot of her famous steamed clams & mussels. she’s an amazing chef—the kind who cooks with fresh herbs snipped from her garden and always manages to get her spaghetti perfectly al dente. if you think this looks yummy, imagine her lobster pasta. it’s heaven.”

4. dive in: “splashing around in the pool. there’s an inflatable beer pong table floating around somewhere in there…”

5. ride around town: “i don’t like to drive so this bike, which i borrowed from our host karen, was my main mode of transportation. i went on bike rides every day (sometimes twice) along idyllic gin lane, to the beach and into town for ice cream from sant ambroeus.”

6. shack up: “i had a craving for soft shell crab and finally got my fix at clam bar, a roadside fish shack off highway 27 in amagansett. their sweet corn chowder is not to be missed.”

7. hair of the dog: “our host eddie mixes a fantastic bloody mary. he’s experimented a million ways to get it just right. take a peek at his recipe below.”

8. beach bums: “wrapping up after a morning surf, beach gear in tow.”

9. sunset soiree: “taking in the beautiful sunset over dinner and drinks with friends at navy beach in montauk. at night, the sky is covered in a blanket of stars. so dreamy.”


eddie’s bloody mary

1 ) 1 can of tomato juice. the type of tomato juice you use is key… some are a bit on the watery side which, in a cocktail, can be good. some are sweet (ok), some are thick and tomato-y (bad).

2 ) a few splashes of tabasco

3 ) twice as many splashes of worcestershire sauce

4 ) juice from 1/3 of a lime

5 ) a little more than a splash of clam juice

6 ) equal parts salt, ground pepper and celery salt

7 ) two teaspoons of olive juice

8 ) 1/2 teaspoon of extra-hot horseradish (more if you like it really spicy)

9 ) garnish with a slice of lime and celery stalk

10 ) mix and enjoy!

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