summer friday snapshots: nantucket

September 02, 2011  |   column: DELIBERATE POLISH

it’s labor day weekend! we’re wrapping up our summer friday series (where we take a peek at how our staffers are enjoying their half-day fridays—and resulting longer weekends) with a trip to the gray lady for sweets at 4am and kicking back at the shack…

who: erin graves

job: project manager, marketing

where: nantucket, mass.

why: “because of the crisp air, delicious smells, vibrant colors, the beach, the stars and the incredible memories. my mother’s family has been going to nantucket for over 80 years, and i’ve been every summer since i was born!”

1. sky high: “there’s nothing like the view of the shoals to signify your arrival—the colors melt my heart!”

2. all aboard: “sailboats fill the harbor following the opera house cup every year.”

3. hole in the hedge: “perfectly-manicured hedges surround homes everywhere on the island. i love the feeling of slipping in and out undetected.”

4. go for a spin: the surry is a car my great-grandmother purchased for $500 back in the 60’s. it’s stayed in the family and is the only one of its kind left on the island. oh, how i wish they still made cars in that color!”

5. shack up: “this is the shack—a beach cottage steps from the sand and swells—the heart and soul of nantucket for me. it’s been in my family since the 30’s and never had electricity, but has managed to survive countless hurricanes… and hurricane-ish parties from my parents’ generation! (and mine, shhhh…)”

6. sweet treat:nantucket bake shop, home of the raspberry square—it’s sugary deliciousness, topped with coconut. i’ve been allowed back in the kitchen a few times at 4am, which is when they begin baking for the next day. watching donuts and portuguese bread go from dough to oven is so much fun!”

planning a visit? erin’s top three spots:

1. tupancy links

“go for a hike along tupancy links, a stretch of wide-open land with trails, tall grass and woods. it’s incredible. my mom and i (and my boyfriend when he visits) like to take our dog bode there for walks every day. he’ll run like a bandit and romp with other dogs and promptly nap after returning home.”

2. the strip

“a strip of cute shops and casual restaurants on easy street. it’s fantastic for late-night eats—you’ll find the heavenliest cheese fries at the easy street cantina. my sister and i made this discovery about ten years ago… we try to keep each other in check by sharing an order.”

3. eye of the needle

“i worked at eye of the needle every summer in high school and college—it’s where i first fell in love with fashion. it’s a great boutique for flirty dresses and gorgeous statement jewelry, and you’ll always find really fun, playful accessories at the counter. be sure to ask for karen and tell her i sent you!”

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