something for the weekend: miss fisher’s murder mysteries

miss fisher's got moxie. (and a really gorgeous wardrobe.) just two reasons we're loving this new television series.
January 17, 2014  |   column: DELIBERATE POLISH

at some point on this long weekend, it’ll be ok to forget about braving the cold for an hour or two. (or twenty four.) and when that time comes, we’ll be curling up on the sofa with our latest netflix discovery: miss fisher’s murder mysteries.

the 1920’s-based australian detective series (think boardwalk empire meets agatha christy) is currently top of our queue thanks to an inspired mix of vintage costumes, witty dialogue and lush sets that reportedly costs around $1 million per episode to create.

 the crown jewel of the whole ruse? heroine phryne fisher herself, a lady who knows her mind and does as she likes—and that includes becoming a private detective in episode one. beyond the glamorous pageboy bobs and ruby lipstick, the show also smartly weaves in moments about what women’s lives were like in the era, so it’s like getting a little history lesson, too.

if you fancy a read instead, the show is based on the phryne fisher book series.

enjoy the weekend!

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