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introducing rider, the unofficial star of our january email campaign
January 20, 2012  |   column: DELIBERATE POLISH

this teacup yorkie stole the spotlight when he showed up at a recent photoshoot. we (along with our email subscribers) fell for his diminutive charms and couldn’t resist quizzing his owner—and our web art director—for details.

who’s rider?

rider is a four-pound teacup yorkie. he only makes right-hand turns. he has no idea that he’s so small—he likes playing with the big dogs at the dog park.

how did he come to star in our email campaign?

i like to bring him on set at shoots and he just looked exceptionally cute that day so we thought he might make a good “prop.”

he doesn’t like to boast but…

he travels in style, riding around town in a quilted leather bag. his favorite restaurant is bar pitti, he loves an afternoon at the movies and he racks up the frequent flier miles (most recently on a trip to puerto rico).

how did he prep for his close-up?

he got a bath and blow out.

what’s his signature look?

he likes to sport an orange and brown striped sweater.

will we see him again on

he has several gigs lined up, but of course he holds a special place in his heart for ksny.

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