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there's a perfect spot for an oil painting at home. here are three artists whose work we love.
October 15, 2015  |   column: DELIBERATE POLISH

one of our favorite day-off activities is a stroll through the classical galleries at the met. the colors, the brushstrokes, the chiaroscuro…(consult those old art history books!). but we love looking at them at home too—their beauty even further heightened surrounded by modern furniture and bright colors. here are three artists we’re passionate about following:

103_Artist Carson

at the top of our list is michael carson, who uses oil to create hauntingly beautiful pieces of figures in what he describes as a representational figurative style. joshua larock‘s still lifes—an orange, mid-peel; a shelf of old books—capture a single lovely moment. and then there’s michael klein, who paints elegant floral arrangements with a beautifully romantic technique.

 103_Artist Klein

the oil paint used by each gives the work its classical effect. “oil allows for so much experimentation,  and that’s what it’s all about, from my standpoint,” says carson, “i’m constantly wiping paint off, either to start fresh or to leave a ghostly reminder of a certain stage. it’s never-ending.”

the result is something not only beautiful but a touch mysterious. (says carson: “i’d rather the viewer find what they want in my work.”) it’s adds unexpected depth and personality on a colored wall, surrounded by furniture and décor that’s modern, classic, a bit whimsical or minimalist.

“modern, streamlined, minimal interiors need those pops of color, like an orange pillow,” suggests carson—”or an original michael carson, perhaps.”

we agree.

103_Artist Larock


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