pink. discuss.

taking our cues from our new furniture and bedding collections, we consider all the ways the pretty hue inspries us.
October 16, 2015  |   column: DELIBERATE POLISH


as a color, pink is said to inspire optimism and a sweet kindness that others are drawn to. when pale and powdery, it’s the color of a fluffy bubble bath, a flirtatious blush, and winter cheeks freshly in from the cold.

bright pink, meanwhile, carries an air of precociousness (shocking! as schiaparelli called it) that plays well with those lighter, sweeter shades. and when combined with a darker hue like black, grey, or navy, pink in all its iterations takes on a strength and sophistication like no other. (it is, after all, the gentle intermediary between fiery red and pure white.)

pink is an iconic plastic flamingo, strutting its stuff in a lush green lawn. it’s the color of flowers freshly arranged in a bowl that instantly reminds us of one of our favorite phrases, “everything’s rosy.” and, taking a cue from those soft petals, we love it in textural materials like satin, linen, velvet and silk.

it lures in even the most color-shy to give it a try with a lunchtime manicure or a fluffy faux fur pillow perched on a sofa for an inviting smile of color.

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