paint the town red: supercalifragilipstick!

September 24, 2011  |   column: DELIBERATE POLISH

from san francisco to new york city, we planned a slew of soirees on both coasts to toast the debut of supercalifragilipstick! this week, we teamed up with elle magazine to host a fancy fête at our shop in pasadena. guests nibbled on sweet coconut macaroons while sipping on our signature cocktail—pop art punch—as lipstick queen poppy king helped them pick their best hues. she also shared beauty tips and tricks (“try a light swipe of adventurous red on cheeks for a pop of color”) and conducted lip readings throughout the evening. though many of our so-cal friends came dressed to impress in ksny from head to heels, one adorable guest stole the spotlight—a 4-year-old tot with an especially enthusiastic love of lipstick! take a peek at photos from the bash below.

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