our holiday gift guide is here!

and it’s completely, fabulously mesmerizing
November 08, 2012  |   column: WHAT'S NEW


whether you want to shop by color (may we suggest vivid snapdragon or maraschino?) or price (there are clever bracelets for $10 as well as attention-grabbing bags for under $300), our talented team has had so much fun designing and compiling the very best of the best of everything a girl could ever want into a very easy-to-peruse gift guide.

we’ve also fancied up our colorful gift wrapping with coral-colored ribbon and gem-shaped note cards, designed just for this holiday season.

so we invite you to get glowing–it’s the idea behind all the fabulous color, shine and glitter on display this month, and we think you’ll be glowing from delight, too. (stay tuned! there’s even more fun to come.)

 happy shopping!



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