our first samples from afghanistan

November 21, 2010  |   column: WHAT'S NEW

on november 9th, women for women international hosted their annual gala in new york city. it was an evening of cocktail dresses and champagne toasts—but the best surprise came when our friends from the task force for business and stability operations (TFBSO)—the organization without whose help, our aid to afghanistan would not be safely possible—presented us with a bag of our very first samples from afghanistan.

during our trip in august, we had been able to find only one single supplier of cashmere in the entire region. to our delight, the samples he delivered are fantastic. what’s better is the fact that from beginning to end, every piece was completely produced in afghanistan. we can’t wait to see how our designers weave a bit of our signature color into this new collection—planned for 2012—as well as the final pieces from the WfWI women that we employ through this partnership. we’ll keep everyone posted!

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