our favorite shades of grey

and a few ideas for decorating with it.
October 16, 2015  |   column: DELIBERATE POLISH


grey may not be a center-of-attention shade, but it has a quiet confidence—equal parts soft and strong—that we very much admire. it can be a subtle backdrop, setting off pops of colorfully beautifully (bright red lipstick comes to mind. so does a pale pink headboard.). and when layered with like-hues—slate and silver and smoke—it makes a statement all its own.

in our closets, it’s crisp flannel trousers, a glamorously smoky eye, a cozy winter coat. in our homes, it’s a marble counter, it’s the other color in black and white photographs only sees when you get up close, and the color of the sky on a day tailor made for staying in with a cup of tea and a well-worn paperback.

shop hues from silver to sultry in our new home collection, here.


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