our (slightly unhealthy) shoe obsession

March 29, 2011  |   column: DELIBERATE POLISH

around our office, shoes are a frequent topic of conversation: we swoon over a particularly pretty pair one of us might be wearing, we talk about what we want to buy (or lucky for us, pre-order from our line sheets) and we wait with nearly uncontrollable anticipation for the ones we see freshly off the drawing pad from our design studio. we recently discovered that some of us take this obsession to new heights. have a look under our graphic designer katie’s desk where an ever-rotating collection of footwear resides. or how about our copywriter, sarah, who has found a new use for her filing cabinet drawers? and then there’s our creative director, deborah, whose perfectly-appointed office has, what is essentially, a mini bar stocked with shoes. naturally, we all applaud this creative use of storage space and the ability that katie, sarah and deborah have–with this bounty of choices always at the ready–to make multiple costume changes throughout the day.

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