on the dot

to finish up the things we love theme, we turn our thoughts to polka dots in all their playful and sophisticated iterations
January 03, 2014  |   column: THINGS WE LOVE


“one of our longtime favorites, the polka dot is friendly, classic and strong. it’s a pattern that we love at all sizes—from delicate swiss dots on a breezy cotton sundress to great graphics dots placed on a chic overcoat. we love dots in décor, especially in wallpaper and upholstery. we love them sprinkled as confetti or inflated as ballons. we love dots as art: think of the conceptual work of john baldessari or the installations of felice varini. there’s a bold perfection to a dot. it can communicate confidence, the period at the end of a sentence, though it also makes clear the indecision of an ellipsis and the exuberance of an exclamation point.”
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