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a glimpse at the makings of may, our month of adventure
May 05, 2013  |   column: WHAT'S NEW|THINGS WE LOVE
 crafting all of our fun creative each season is a lot like going on an adventure. (where shall we go? what shall we do?…and what shall we wear?). this month just happens to be themed adventure — number 5 in a year of 12 things we love, in honor of our 20th anniversary. hello summer!

so we started off the way everyone begins packing for a trip: standing in front of a mirror and trying on all of our favorite pieces, in order to get to a capsule wardrobe we can gracefully squeeze into a carry-on. that fun process was the inspiration behind our summer video, and while the potted plant didn’t make it  in, our bourbon street elsye sure did. it’s the perfect cross-body-meets-clutch that can be carried on any adventure — day or night, casual or fancy. 

the perfect vacation wardrobe is one you can mix-and-match in an endless number of ways, and both our 30 days of outfits story and our summer mailer (pictured below; pick one up in stores) show you just how to do it. they’re not just for world-wide travelers: each are filled with ideas of things to do and wear close to home—because every day is an adventure in our book!

 once you’re on your journey, whatever it may be, the best stories often come from being an accidental tourist, like happening upon a hidden treasure or taking a chance detour that turns out to be delightful. what better way to enjoy that than to have friends along for the ride. bonus points for you both if you can borrow from each other’s wardrobe. in which case, sky’s the limit—which just happens to be the title of our web editorial story this month, on that very topic.

see our snapshots below:


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