movie night

our pre-weekend adventure at the hunger games
March 26, 2012  |   column: DELIBERATE POLISH

we snuck out of the office early on friday to catch a showing of the hunger games in imax. after stocking up on candy and a little booze (shhh!), we spent an hour in line waiting to buy tickets and playing drawsomething to pass the time. luckily, we all scored seats together along with plenty of popcorn, chips and queso and soda (the winning snack combo turned out to be rainsinettes and popcorn.) #nomnomnom.

some big screen highlights were: 1) katniss’s flaming red dress, 2) the kooky, “marie antoinette meets the jetsons” fashions in the capital city, 3) when our designer katie evans almost jumped out of her seat during the giant panther/dog pack chase scene, and 4) the scene where katniss whips out her bow and arrow and shoots an apple out of the mouth of a roasted pig (it almost made us want to take up archery).

we laughed, shed a tear (or two) and when the lights came up, we headed out for a few drinks. all we can say is, the sequel can’t come soon enough.

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