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September 19, 2011  |   column: WHAT'S NEW

hello! my name is poppy king—and i’m a lipstick designer. (i still pinch myself every time i say that. it is literally a dream come true!)

after graduating high school, i started my first lipstick brand in my hometown of melbourne, australia. i hadn’t been able to find anything to create the retro ‘40’s-style look i wanted, so i made it myself. that was 20 years (and a move to new york) ago and what started as a whim has become such an amazing career.

when kate spade new york contacted me to collaborate with deborah lloyd on a lipstick collection, i literally happy danced around my home. i am such a “kate spade” girl. i adore the brand—i love the way [deborah lloyd] has made glamour wearable. who wants to dress down when dressing up is so much fun?

i would say i’ve devoted my entire life to finding modern glamour. my go-to outfit at age seven was a red ballerina tutu and i didn’t even do ballet.

my beauty philosophy has always been, have fun with yourself and don’t take things too seriously. individuality is beautiful. discover what it is that makes you you and work with it.

i hope you enjoy my week of guest editing the blog. coming up tomorrow is more about the making of our fabulous lipstick collection—stay tuned.

love, poppy

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