love is in the air at the ksny office

April 07, 2011  |   column: DELIBERATE POLISH

with giddy delight, certain members of our team noted, about a month ago, that some particularly handsome neighbors had just moved onto the fifth floor of the building directly across the street from our office. the large bank of windows lining our workroom—the place where our creative services team performs its artistic magic—suddenly became a destination for observing and evaluating the adorably mysterious newcomers as they settled into their new habitat. one day, a couple of weeks after the initial sighting, a skirmish broke out on the street below the two buildings. both groups rushed to their respective widows to assess the situation at which point, eyes were caught, smiles and waves were exchanged and a mutual interest was determined. coincidentally, across the divide, someone from our side recognized someone from their side. emails were sent and a “mixer” at a local watering hole was arranged. acquaintances were made as sparks flew and future plans were discussed. then, last friday, to even giddier delight, a “message in a bottle” arrived at our door filled with “date night request forms” from the cute, clever gentlemen across the street.

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