love is in the air at the ksny office, installment #2

April 19, 2011  |   column: DELIBERATE POLISH

the captivating tale of intramural romance continued as what has narrowed down to a group of three from our team, received a second date card from the endlessly creative suitors across the street. this one arrived at our office last friday afternoon, only hours before date number two was scheduled to begin, in a flower-adorned white envelope marked “date team ladies.” the now ritual frenzy ensued as the ladies opened the envelope to reveal a musical wedding card with the greeting “your forever begins today. congratulations…on your date with us.” several shared details from the big night included the gentlemen sporting rakish bowties, cocktails at the ace hotel and a bag of props supplied by the ladies for a photo booth shoot. needless to say, the bar for charming gestures has been set high. stay tuned…

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